Castle Siege


The object of the game is to take over the oppositions castle. The robot of each team is the “knight” who defends and attacks the castle.

The game mission is to :

park your robot on top of the opponents castle before the time is up. It will only count for points if the robot is on top of the castle at the end of the game

break the balloon on the castle of the opposing team,

• try and get as many balls (max =3) on opposing teams castle as possible. Scoring in this regard will happen throughout the match and the balls does not have to be on the castle at the end of the game,

  • Place the yellow or grey ball on top of the watch tower; and
  • break as many balloons on the field as possible.


The game time is 5 minutes. A Team must try to score as many points as possible in the 5 minutes.

Driver base is directly behind the Robot base. The driver(s) of the robot-knight may not leave the drive base for any reason at all.

Rescuing a broken robot is allowed (maximum of 2 times before penalties will be awarded), but the robot has to return fully to base before the game can continue. Time will never stop.

Teams can have up to 3 players, in which case each player must play at least 1 round on the field.

There is no specific order in which to play the game.

There will be 3 rounds before the semi-finals and finals.

View the video of the 2018 Game here

There will be 2 divisions in this competition: The standard competition for LEGO Robots and the Ultra Division for all other robots.

Game Rules and Setup (The Upgraded game for Castle Siege and rules will be available from January 1, 2019.)

Please note that registration closes on 15 May 2019